An Uncommon Church for Common People

We call it an "Uncommon Church for Common People". We say that because you can be yourself here. It's the man down the street, the teacher at school, the person at work, or the man you ran into at the gas station. It's not a typical experience in that other than modesty there is no expected dress code. You can come just as you are. We want you to feel at home here whether you like to wear a suit or prefer to wear shorts. The door is always open. We want you to experience Christ like never before and feel the love and purpose He has for you.

Worship With Us

Sunday Mornings  10:00 AM

Wednesday Nights 6:30 PM

613 Weaver Ln.

Weaver, AL 36277

Calling All Volunteers!

The Son of God came to serve, not to be served (Matt. 20:28). Yet so often, Christians find themselves showing up each week, but not SERVING! How to we fix that? We give everyone the chance to volunteer! What are your skills and talents? Do you want to learn video production skills? Are you a musician/singer? Do you just want to be a greeter and use your awesome personality to help bring a smile to others' faces??? It is ALL VALUABLE, and it is all service. 

If you don't have a place to serve, reach out! We would LOVE to have you on our team!

We have a seat for you!

We would love to have you be part of us!