Our Opening Up Plan

On-site services will resume on May 17 at 10 AM.

We have been reviewing the state's guidelines for houses of worship and communicating with other pastor's to form a plan for how we will move forward during this time.

We have deep cleaned all areas of the church and will sanitize all areas and items after each service.

One Way Entrance and Exit

Right now you will enter through the doors in the foyer as normal but you have two options to exit. Located at the front of the sanctuary are two doors. One is to the left and leads to the parking lot. The other is to the right and leads to the kids fenced-in area outside.

Once you exit out the doors at the front of the sanctuary do not try to reenter through them. These doors for now will be exit only to control traffic.

Extra Seat Spacing

The state recommends placing two seats between families and spacing a row between them. Our seating has been setup to give you two spaces to your side and seven feet between rows.

Extra Ventilation

During the service doors in the back will remain open to the outside as well as the door to the front left of the sanctuary leading to the parking lot. The church has several ceiling fans that will be on during the service to provide for the movement of air.

Children's Church

Children's Church will be provided but if parents have any concerns kids can always stay with their parents in the main service.

Children's Church Meeting Outside

Children's Church will be meeting outside. This provides for excellent ventilation and conditions to control any potential for he coronavirus to live or spread.

Children will be dropped off at the right front door of the sanctuary and can be picked up through this door as well. To keep traffic flowing once children are picked up you will need to exit the outdoor play area through the side gate leading back to the parking lot.

Children will be in small groups at tables, keeping them separated. Craft supplies will be used for each child only and sanitized following the service.